Loving Two People

I wonder if some widows and widowers worry that remarriage is a show of unfaithfulness to their deceased spouse. Love for that person will never die, and that means that when you remarry, you will be loving two people at once. It can cause feelings of disloyalty towards your living and deceased spouse but in time, you come to accept it. There is no cheating on a deceased spouse. Cherish the love you have in your life in all forms.

Most who’ve found new love agree that it diminishes grief enormously. When you’re ready to love again, welcome it and be open to experiencing the next part of your life. Remember that the person who loves you will want you to be happy even after they’re gone, just as you would want for him.

I had a dream recently of riding in the car next to my late husband when the vehicle just stopped. He couldn’t get it started again and was going to leave me there while he went to retrieve something. We were on our way to a party with a bunch of people he didn’t know, people who haven’t come into my life until after his death.

Much like real life, he just stopped living while I was left right there in the middle of our travels. I could stay there with the car that would no longer go, or I could find a way to move forward into new love and a new life. That’s the choice I made, and I’m happy I did. I’ll never be glad I lost my late husband, but I’ll never regret being open to love again. Whatever path you take, do so with peace of mind. Your grief is evidence that you love well. Maybe there’s room left in life to do so again.

Source: http://trevythomas.com