My grief experience

My book, "Companion in Grief," evolved after my late husband's death. He died suddenly at the age of 49, leaving me alone on a huge tree farm in rural Virginia. Our three dogs were my only regular companions, and my responsibility as their remaining human is what kept me trudging through. I wrote letters and journals as a way to survive the darkest of emotions. As time passed and I healed, my perspective on grief formed into a book that I hope brings peace to others who are grieving.

Love after loss

In time, I met a man who had also been widowed. He, too, was relying on his dogs to get him through until we got together and formed a family of seven: five dogs and two newly-happy humans. Staying open to love after loss speaks to our innate desire to live. No one is meant to grieve forever. Eventually, you notice the sun peeking through.

Swimming Around The Edges

Photo: Trevy Thomas


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