I'm an author writing about life's complex experiences. Love, loss and grief are topics I'm drawn to, due to my own life's travels, but basking in the sun of new love and discovering that healing restores enthusiasm for living again slants my writing to the positive side of life's potholes.

I enjoy connecting with people who are also curious about how we step through struggle while maintaining a belief in the ability to thrive and return to joy, love and humor.   

My Current Manuscript:

"Companion in Grief" is a  daily reader that offers comfort, inspiration and hope for those who are in the midst of grief.


Read the blog, share your story, connect. Thanks for being here.


Trevy Thomas is an author whose work has been published in anthologies, literary magazines, such as Coachella Review, Sliver of Stone, Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review, Forge, and at various websites. She writes essays and short stories in addition to books and is a contributor at Friendspast.com. Learn more about her at the About page.