Companion in Grief:

Companion in Grief offers help without the presumption of religion. Author Trevy Thomas pulls from a deeply personal loss to share insights into the experience of grief. Her perspective is hopeful and empathetic, with a focus on transitions, connection, and simple activities to foster strength. The book offers non-clinical and approachable concepts on grief work.

Sharing her most personal thoughts and experiences after losing her husband, Trevy’s mission is to offer hope to others who are similarly struggling. Here is a private way to experience the kind of personal support found in grief groups. The index is compiled by topic and emotion so that a reader can get right to the help they need. It's like having a friend with just the right words always within reach.   

“Moving and Profound”

-Kate Brauning, Entangled Publishing

A very intelligent, sincere, practical and moving book on how to not only help yourself but also help others through it.
— Bruce Miller, Team Golfwell
Available @ Barnes & Noble, BAM & for  Kindle download

Available @ Barnes & Noble, BAM & for Kindle download

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Available at Amazon



Trevy Thomas is a short story and creative non-fiction writer with published work in a variety of literary magazines. Her book, Companion in Grief, is a deeply personal look at grief and loss with inspiration taken from her journals and letters after her husband’s sudden death. She hopes that her perspective on grief and healing will bring hope and peace to others who are grieving. Learn more about her at the About page.