From “Companion in Grief.”

“A death turns you toward another world, a mysterious unknown planet. It is something or someplace we’ve never been, and yet, one by one, all those close to us disappear into this mystery. One day, so will we. You can go about your daily life living it as you did before, ignoring that other world as though everything were still normal, but you won’t be able to help looking over your shoulder. What’s it like there? Is there a there? We can’t know for certain, but my experience imagining this place that lies just out of reach is that it feels light. We tend to think of unknown mysterious places as dark and fearful, but dreams are also other worlds filled with visits to mysterious places we’ve never been and there is light in dreams. Maybe there is light in death too. I enjoy connecting with people who are also curious about how we step through struggle while maintaining a belief in the ability to thrive and return to joy, love and humor.”   

“Moving and Profound”

-Kate Brauning, Entangled Publishing

A page-a-day companion for a year in grief

A page-a-day companion for a year in grief

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