The stories below weave through snippets of living. I'm honored to have my work appear at the following publications:

Creative Non-Fiction:

  • Five on the Fifth, “Cindian” A Native American friend leads a secular griever to tradition.

  • Drunk Monkeys, "Loosy" How a sad dog brought comfort to my grief

  • The Coachella Review, "Swimming Around the Edges" Remaining clothed among nudists

  • Eckleburg Review, "Dishes With Doran" Growing up with sisters

  • Sliver of Stone, "The Day Before" Living with the cloud of nuclear disaster

Short Fiction:

  • Forge Journal, "Number 401" A story of two rats who find friendship despite the disparities of living on opposite sides of the human world.

  • Visitant, “Painted Life” A young woman’s journals become so embellished that they affect her memory.