Letters to Your Deceased Loved One

One of the only things that offered me comfort in the early days of grief was the practice of writing letters to my late husband. I filled many journals with dated letters to him. Something about the process of writing by hand was cathartic to me. Like crying or screaming, I felt I was letting something out. The first letters were just testaments to pain and loss, but in time, they became more chatty and informational. It was like talking to him, which, as any griever will tell you, is the thing you most want to do when you've lost someone you love. Even if you're not a writer, try it. In addition to serving as an emotional outlet, it will provide a log of your progress through grief. Some day, months or years ahead, you'll look back and be able to see how far you've come.

Do you write to someone you've lost? Has it helped? Share in the comments. You can find thoughts on grief and healing here and at @trevythomas on Twitter.